Retin Gels like A-ret Gel / Tretinoin Gel Eritretin Combine 4% – 0.025%

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Active Ingrediant Erythromycin / Tretinoin ( Retinoic Acid )
Generic Name Eritretin Combine 4% – 0.025%
Strength 4% – 0.025%
Dosage Type Tube
Contains 30g Tube


Acne including non-inflammatory forms w/ comedones & inflammatory forms w/ papules & pustules.

Concomitant topical medication, medicated or abrasive soaps and cleansers, soaps and cosmetics that have a strong drying effect, and products with high concentrations of alcohol, astringents, spices or lime should be used with caution because of possible interaction with Tretinoin (Eritretin). Particular caution should be exercised in using preparations containing sulfur, resorcinol, or salicylic acid with Tretinoin (Eritretin). It also is advisable to “rest” a patient’s skin until the effects of such preparations subside before use of Tretinoin (Eritretin) is begun.